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Written by: Corrie V. M Scott

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As the world gears and a sense of normal reality begins to say in your now questioning yourself… “ What am I going to do with all these extra shoes and clothes I purchased during quarantine?“ or better yet deciding that an extra bedroom or a few square feet of outdoor property could give you the extra space for a few hangers. And choosing the perfect room tone is essential as colors for 2021 are vibrant and warm, an ideal mix for the room that both gets you going in the mornings and helps you settle in the evenings, but on the decision to keep the room calm… simple color palettes, clean lines, and a mixture of materials can create a space filled with peaceful simplicity.

Kitchen remodelation 2021

So let’s talk, what if we take that master bedroom and make it perfect… covering the bases on entrances, Closet space concepts, and most importantly bathroom expansions. Could the simple things be major impact on your life as well as your return on your investment?


Let’s start at the beginning, with your master bedroom is upstairs or on the main floor the entrance to your private oasis sets the tone, and continuing the flooring pattern from the common living spaces to the master bedroom is optional. Flooring for a master can include carpet. If selecting carpet it should be the thickest and softest pile you can afford, however, if you decide to go with hardwoods make the seams are sanded evenly and the perfection in gloss for a master is a satin finish. A satin finished floor will help to hide footprints, dust, and other noticeable dirt between cleanings. Stating back to walking into the master you simply want under your barefoot to feel luxurious. Several options to consider could be French doors, barn doors which slide in either direction based on the floor-plan, or taking an old approach and building sliding doors into the wall. Any style door can open to a retreat of a raised design ceiling feature may include two or more levels and adds a sense of height and spaciousness to your bedroom, known as trey ceiling. These doors also can be portrayed throughout the master suite as entrances to the master bathroom and master closets.

Kitchen remodelation 2021

Once we’ve got past the entrance of the master bedroom, small additions such as gas  or wood burning fireplaces. We want to create light and opening ones space by removing the doors and creating entryways that lead into the bathrooms and closets have become more popular and this kind of space allows an open floor plan to an amazing master closet which could also be considered “duel closets”.

Master bedroom closet in 2021 are No longer labeled as his and hers. “Duel closets” Is the correct time when creating the perfect space for two people to share, or in some cases as homeowners currently buying their homes as “single” status some master closets are being used for just one person instead of two. These closets now exceed all expectations with multiple floor levels, functional storage islands, and personalized shoe shelves. And of course now that you expanded the closets, the master bathroom doesn’t match. Creating a vanity space, yes a small space that separates your closet from your bathroom still allow the bathroom privacy, but also gives the lady a place to apply her make up and jewelry and perfume.

The master bathroom is going to be the value factor. Your personal and family hygiene continues to be top of mind, especially areas like bathrooms, by adding interiors that prioritize, such as easy-to-clean surfaces and antimicrobial fixtures.Bathroom trends include these items such as  without sacrificing any ounce of your style. Small amenities to satisfy you and your partner, just like your closet, your bathroom can be door giving space to both of you at the same time.

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Big ticket extras can bring big value master bathroom such as heated bathroom floor-tiles which are anticipated to grow in popularity, so you can slip off your slippers in comfort the warmth., Elegant claw foot tubs and to advanced Bluetooth mirrors ( that can tell you the weather and read out the local news). However when it comes to that signature claw tub, you’ll be surprised at what 2021 is really saying. Talks like freestanding, flat-bottom tubs are streamlining more than the clawfoot models or the more decorative bases. These are just a few things that could be considered when you are preparing to design that comfort, for more luxurious ideas to see our March 2021 letter on creating your own in-home spa.


Perhaps there is no other room is this more appreciated than in the master bedroom and whether you were busy COVID shopping, just looking for a renovation ideas, or was needing the extra space prior to quarantine. That master suite deserves to get an uplift to create personal harmony in a relaxing environment. As we look back on the master bedroom… we exit the way we came in… Tiptoeing out of the bathroom past the vanity, walking through the enormous closet that you created it with tons of space, and exiting out just as grand as you came in; with a phenomenal entryway. One can only speculate how far your creativity can take you, and when you’re ready, remember as always, Silver Stone Remodeling is always here to get the job done the right way.


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