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Written by: Corrie V. M Scott

Its 2021 and the housing markets continues to be in a buyer favor. With many are becoming new homeowners, current homeowners are looking to create value in their homes as well. The biggest way these owners are getting the bang for their buck before during these times are simple. Major kitchen remodels! From the Light fixtures to sink finishing’s, to the quality of high traffic flooring, we have uncovered the kitchen trends of 2021.

Let us not waste any time and get right into it… The functionality of a kitchen is important. In 2021, open concepts still play in important roles. Kitchens that open to family rooms have always gave families or even party hosts opportunities to create big atmosphere of warmth and love. The kitchen has always been an area to eat whether it was coming in form of a breakfast nook or chairs tucked under an island. Now more than ever closed off dining rooms are getting the invite to be apart of the kitchen as well, creating more natural sun light, better dining views, and more space for entertaining.

Kitchen remodelation 2021


As natural lighting is important, the big deals in a kitchen for 2021 are the new and old school lighting fixtures. Metal and glass lighting fixtures are on the rise of relevance. These attractive light models are now being made of polymers, acrylics, and ceramics. These fixtures give lighting a new look of brightness through geometric shares, fixtures with decor and mirror inserts, as we embrace the idea of several different size bulbs or lanterns hanging over the kitchen island. While the island is a typical gathering spot, it is also a spot where you can marvel the detail and design someone invested in a new kitchen chandelier. Paired up, kitchen chandeliers bring in regal and rustic to any kitchen style. Along with track lighting, which still holds weight in 2021 trends, it is the luminaries that have propelled to the front of the line. Luminaries are now allowing kitchens to have lighting above cabinets and above counter tops, creating more efficiency in electricity being used. Light switches with dimmer availability, directional lighting or motion detection create less usage too, and as we all know there is no better trend than seeing a trend of a cheaper electricity bill.

Kitchen remodelation 2021

One thing any remodel dreamer is thinking about, are those countertops, fixtures and backsplashes. From durability to style and color. Your counters are and will be what people notice when they see your new kitchen. Quartz, still highly popular cheap and resistant to staining, coming in colors of grey, white or any other light color to keep it trendy. Trends for 2021 non-porous acrylic solid surface counters are in demand as they create solidarity in regal colors such as navy blue, jet black, pale grey, creamy taupe, and gleaming white. Here are some things to think about, as 2021 gears you up for a reno.

White is always the top choice, geometric shapes are easy to clean and unresponsive to temperature changes and humidity, but both provide eye popping excitement to any backsplash. Metal may seem risky but has propelled to the top as one trend that seems to be creating talk or even conversation, after remodels. Art designed backsplashes are back in play, great thing is now with technology crafting the designs in half the time, amazing images are being brought to life. If you are in a loft, consider maybe a brick or even a stone backsplash, this can create diversity and texture to a kitchen, keep in mind both will require special resistant treatment.

When it comes to appliances in 2021, are you still stuck on stainless steel? Well, you are not wrong, but you are definitely missing out on some new and throwback ideas. While white would seem outdated or old-school, white appliances have made an all-time comeback, reflecting the idea of sanitized and clean, creating a new term called the “ICY” look. Great thing is now appliance come in select colors depending on brand, from black to red, a stove in 2021 can be personalized and valued like a piece of high-end jewelry. One color that is becoming more popular for appliances is the Matte Grey. Sleek and industrial, but functional and modern this color is really making headlines this year. The best thing about a 2021 kitchen, that your kitchen can be operated with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, creating what is now seen as “The Smart Kitchen”. Operating refrigerator and oven temps from your sofa in the family room, or finger tap knobs for simplicity. Steam ovens are now getting permanent spots in the kitchen, along with double functioning refrigerators or glass refrigerator doors, which adds to the openness of a kitchen. While over head fans are still in use, counter extractor fans now lay along the stove. This allows the smoke created while cooking to be pulled down instead of up into a vent.


Smart kitchens are not just stopping at stoves and microwaves, many fixtures like faucets now come voice activated and touchless. Fixtures play a major part to any remodel, and the next big thing always being around the corner, these extras are creating 2021 trends of their own. Professional faucets take the lead of an already leading trends. People are getting just what they wanted in 2021; 30-inch length pull out or down hoses, high spouts with strong water streams from their faucet choices, but now paring with colored sinks. Colored sinks? Well yes, sinks hold more notice than you think. Just imagine the way a farm sink always catches your eye, well now these traditional kitchen remodel trends come with your color choice. Several other sink trends are picking up in 2021, Copper sinks are getting great review as they have become more mainstream, along with the idea of textured sinks.

Kitchen remodelation 2021


Finally, we come to everyone favorite “F” word, FLOORING! Porcelain floor patterns still give an old charm to any look, but now adays in a world where trends equal durability and functionality, vinyl flooring is holding at the top. SPC Vinyl flooring is tough for traffic, but less costly and like wood plank style, vinyl really stands up to its name. Black and white vinyl or the more expensive route black and white tile are always a trendy throwback that keeps a bold and luxurious look. Tiles constantly advance with time, creating warmth and texture in 2021 distressed concrete tile is becoming more of a front runner, along with a comeback of distressed wood flooring in many industrial homes.

Kitchen remodelation 2021

Wood patterns such as herringbone and chevron continue to trend the antiques through 2021. These patterns however now can come fumed or bleached. Fumed is a great process for wood rich with dark tones, and bleaching brings a soft whitewashed look, that transcends greatly in farmhouses, open floor plans, with wall-to-wall windows.

Kitchen remodelation 2021


So, as we conclude, these are trends that have stood the test of time. Some old, some new, but one thing is for sure, creating the perfect place to enjoy, entertain, and cook for family and friends can now fit just about any budget. We have explored every possible idea from the chandler you can hang over your island; the backsplash you chose to pair with your counter tops. The low energy and cost saving appliances; and the array of colors they now come in. We have even touched basis on how you can turn your kitchen into the smartest kitchen or the wildest with matte black or brass finishing’s. No remodel dream is too big or small, and no kitchen deserves to go without a little trendy 2021 TLC. Big ideas and changes do not have to be so costly, if it has ever been a time to take your kitchen into the top of 2021, its now; and as always, we here at Silver Stone Remodeling, Inc. are here to help!

Kitchen remodelation 2021

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Your Kitchen in 2021

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YOUR KITCHEN IN 2021 Written by: Corrie V. M Scott Its 2021 and the housing markets continues to be in a buyer favor. With many are becoming new