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Written by: Corrie V. M Scott

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Kitchen flooring can be fun, creative, and of course expensive. Many homeowners consider the kitchen to be a daily family gathering place, and a way to invest in value of their homes. However, from wood lookalike vinyl to teated hardwoods; stones to tiles made to resemble stone are just basics to consider. As we look into to Vinyl Sheets, Tile, Stone, Laminate, and Hardwoods then just maybe we can help you with you next flooring choice.

Kitchen remodelation 2021

Vinyl sheets now come waterproof and can average $5-$50/square yard, with labor running an average of $8-$9/square yard. Two common and more recommended types of vinyl sheets are Stone-plastic Composite and Wood-plastic Composite. Engineered to improve be more scratch resistant during the daily use, long-lasting, easy to clean, and mainly made from natural limestone powders and stabilizers; Stone plastic composite is available in luxury vinyl
tile or plank flooring options, and can be viewed as an upgrade and improvement of basic vinyl. Also with quick and simple installation, extremely durable and very environmental friendly; Wood-plastic Composite is similar to laminate flooring, but waterproof.

Kitchen remodelation 2021


Tile Flooring is very common and more than just a trend, its a lifestyle. Kitchens with tile flooring are known to be easy to clean, very durable, and can even come in wood-like styles. From patterns of colors, and shapes in all different sizes, many homeowners find creative ways to tell their design stories right on their kitchen floor. Based on the style, cut, size these options overall can cost on an average of $1,300 to $2,500, per 150 sq ft. And come in three types: porcelain, ceramics, and stone; Yes, stone!

Kitchen remodelation 2021


Stone flooring has been known to be edgy but clean and natural; With 90 degree edges, a round edge cut, or bull-nose. Available in stones from slate to concrete; which can be contemporary chic and industrial. Also in stones such as travertine and limestone; which can be very inexpensive and provide natural beauty, and a
classic look. Stone kitchen flooring can be high in maintenance and run an average national cost of $5-$10 per square feet, not including additional expenses and labor.

One of the least expensive options of kitchen flooring is laminate. Laminate flooring is not waterproof however it is water resistant, and this type is typically made with linoleum. The great thing about this option is the designs and patterns that can be created through technology now. From distressed look-like looks to marble grains, laminate can average $3-$8 per square foot. Linoleum laminate cannot be refinished or sanded, is know not be harsh on the environment and only last about 10-15 years, if well maintained.

stone flooring
wooden flooring style

Finally, the new kid on the block for kitchen flooring, *drum rolls*, HARDWOODS! Hardwood flooring can come with no extra finishing, and seen to be durable yet expensive. Its definitely because of the thin fiber-board based to seal the bottom of the wood, and a thin veneer top layer to protect the top of the wood to withstand high traffic and moisture. Hardwood flooring installation and labor on an average can run you $1,200- $2,400. Wood selections such as Oak, Cherry, Maple and Pine have been the pinnacle of wood options, and the kitchen floor is no exemption.

From late night walks to kitchen to get a glass of water to chasing the kids through the back door as your family huddles in from the rain, the kitchen floor is an essential part of your life and a pleasure to your feet. So based on our references throughout and below; whether its waterproof vinyl, a trendy tile pattern, natural stone, inexpensive laminate, or a luxurious hardwood option Sliverstone Remodeling, LLC is here to help you turn your next kitchen project into a reality of family investment for years to come.


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