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2022: Creating your In-home Spa

Written by: Corrie V. M Scott

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Bathrooms are no longer a place to handle “personal business” or to freshen up before a meal, it is a room in your house that holds big value in remodeling, renovating, or even reselling. Your bathroom in 2022 can now be your own highlight in your home. From lighting, tile and cabinetry, plumbing features, and bathroom technology. Here’s some insight on getting the most bang for your buck with adding a wow factor.

Bathroom lighting has always taken a backseat in this room due to privacy; however natural lighting is the main contender now. Big windows with amazing views can bring relaxation to a calming night bath or to a bright awaking morning shower. Lighting in 2022 is not just natural but hidden as well. Lumins are big in bathrooms providing lighting in areas behind mirrors and under cabinets. Do not leave your shower out, lumins are along shower ceilings hidden from view but also out of direct contact with water. So, whether you decide a new fixture, hidden lumins, or simply knocking out that little bathroom window, and inviting tranquility with a floor to ceiling window to compliment your new tile.

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Tile, walls and cabinetry play important roles in bathrooms for 2022. Tile is still important to a bathroom, but quarts counters, floor to ceiling marble in showers, and waterproof plaster have taken the lead since 2020. Wallpaper as you know has bounced back as well, however this treatment for your bathroom can come in metallic tones of bronze and copper. Using wallpaper has been a great way to create accent walls that are exciting, inviting, and versatile. This space turns up to another level once you add some cabinetry, and what easy way to do that is by creating the ultimate vanity experience. Vanities also play a big roll, but we all are aware of the space they consume, however if you want that space back, just make your vanity float! Floating vanities create space on the floor, but if a floating vanity is not your style, ADD SOME COLOR! Cabinetry can come in any color you want and is a great way to create a focal point or a simple pop of color for spice.


Tagging along with your new vanity are the toilets, sinks, tubs, and faucets, which in 2022 are the in forefront. These little extras may seem unnecessary, but they are big when it comes to detail and attention. A tub and shower separation has become even more popular, and rain shower faucets are the addition that takes the separation of these two even more enjoyable. Wall mounted faucets are even more frequently used now as other options to create space, as wells as a luxurious look. Separating a shower and tub may be a step up, but combining the Toilet/Bidet into one, and for those interested in creating even more space and opting out the 2 in 1 combo, tankless toilets are the way to go! These toilets are known as “The toilet that floats”. All these perks your surely able to turn a simple bathroom into an In-home retreat.

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There is only one last thing we need to get into as you consider all these bathroom options, Technology! Some amazing things in 2022 has really heightened in the bathroom. Heated floors, seat warmers, and drawer warmers are perfect to keeping you warm after that crisp air hits you from stepping out the shower. And that shower, well now you can even control the temperature with an App.  Or better yet seamlessly waving your hand over the bathroom sink faucet, for off/on control. This makes just about everything in your bathroom touchless. The biggest feature in 2022 for technology, is not having a television in the bathroom, but instead a smart mirror. Smart mirrors come with so many options from watching the news, listening to music, and catching up on weather and the traffic. All these can also be reached with voice activation, controlling lighting and toilet functions.


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In conclusion, your bathroom can be the conversation piece to many. Lighting from natural light to unseen lumins. Tile and cabinetry will continue to be essential. The advancement in plumbing features is undeniable, and savvy bathroom technology to help wash a day’s stress away will be something many guests will be talking about. The world of bathroom renovations is endless and come with a plethora of options. As 2022 gains momentum, remember most of your relaxing and personal time is spent in the bathroom, so why not make it that space that showcases that, you very own in-home spa.

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